The Slideshows are a Psychedelic Electronic Indie outfit from Amsterdam. Their debut EP Sunrise Reprise was launched at Paradiso, Amsterdam on 17 March 2016. The debut video Sunrise Reprise is online now. The slideshows use analog slides as a source of inspiration for their music and use slide projectors as a backdrop at their live shows.

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Slide #1: Where are you from?

The Slideshows hail from Amsterdam and play psychedelic, electronic indie. References: The War on Drugs, Tame Impala, Boards of Canada, LCD Sound System.

Slide #2: What’s new?

Their debut EP Sunrise Reprise is released February 2016 and is available through iTunes, Spotify etc. A limited edition CD with a Slideshows magazine will be sold at live shows. The EP was recorded and mixed by Auke van der Wielen and mastered by Darius van Hellfteren (Amsterdam Mastering). The video of the song Sunrise Reprise can be seen at:

Slide #3: Where’s the release launch?

The debut gig was 17 March at Paradiso, Amsterdam. The gig was part of an Off Amsterdam label night. For new shows check the live section.

Slide #4: What’s up with the slides?

The Slideshows are obsessessed with old slides. Found footage shapes both music and image: obscure private collections of families from the 70s and 80s are used as a live backdrop. Many of these slides spark the beginning of new songs. The thrift store score of a private slide collection of a Belgian family (four decades of family slides), started the story of the magazine that comes with the CD.

Slide #5: Who are you?

The Slideshows are: Marcel Hulst (vocals /guitars), Floor Stevens (drums) and Auke van der Wielen (bass / synths)

Slide #6: What’s next?

The Slideshows will play their debut EP live as of March 2016, and will continue working on new material for their second EP in their newly build studio in Amsterdam.

Slide #7: How to get in touch?

The Slideshows - Sunrise Reprise EP cover